It’s these three words that define the backbone of direct mail marketing.

You can’t control when or what people are watching on television and with the advent of the DVR, most people just skip right past your commercial message.

Thousands of people each day might see your billboard message but are they your target audience? Because if they are, they only have about 3 seconds to read and absorb your message.

The “graying” of America has had the greatest impact on newspaper, with readership across the country on a path that continues to spiral to all-time lows.

Satellite radio (touting their mostly commercial-free format) combined with digital music players has further fragmented an already disjointed, music-loving audience. And Internet advertising is like the wild, wild West, with everyone shooting at targets but missing the majority of them.

But direct mail advertising continues to thrive.

  • It allows advertisers to reach specific audiences with a targeted message they hold in their hand.
  • It can create a sense of response urgency with time sensitive offers that can be delivered precisely when you want it to reach its recipient.
  • It can be personalized, which has been proven to increase overall response rates.
  • It’s accountable as its results can be tracked.