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“Your SmartMail™ Sports Ticket mail piece delivered…a staggering 15% response rate on a 40,000-piece mail drop. This equated to nearly 6,000 qualified leads!”

“The unique personalized web pages set up for every respondent helped us not only gather some great pre-event data but also generated more than 700 referrals as well.”

“We appreciate GamePlan’s attention to detail every step of the way; it made our job a whole lot easier. We look forward to working with you on our upcoming WNBA Minnesota Lynx campaign.”
Jason LaFrenz, Vice President Marketing, Timberwolves


This seminar proved to be our most successful to date, thanks in no small part to your company’s efforts.”

“…When all is said and done, we will likely have generated well over six figures in NEW revenues; not too bad for a day’s work!

“..Your company was extremely easy to work with and was able to adjust to our demands on the fly.”
Sonia Y. Maxwell, Station Manager/Director of Sales, KVWB/KFBT


Orlando, FL—Chris D’Orso, Vice President of Marketing for the NBA’s Orlando Magic was looking to create a buzz of anticipation for their “Great Magic Seat Rush!” event last month at the T.D. Waterhouse Centre. Little did D’Orso know that by enlisting the help of Steven Kip of GamePlan Advertising & Marketing he would get more “buzz” than he bargained for…

[GamePlan NBA Magic Press Release]


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