Franchises and Direct Mail

Franchises and Direct Mail

According to a recent Entrepreneur article titled, “The Top 10 Franchises of 2015,” the most successful franchisors in the US have at least one thing in common: direct mail marketing.

As franchise companies expand their systems, they begin to search for more inventive ways to generate customer and franchise leads on the national and local levels. The options are endless: Revamp the Web site? Hire a new advertising agency to overhaul their campaign? Advertise in high-profile publications such as the Wall Street Journal or start buying TV air time in select markets?

One option often overlooked by these companies in terms of effective advertising investments is direct mail – a valuable complement to their overall marketing program. Although direct mail as a marketing approach is nothing new, its strength in reaching customers continues to grow as a powerful business building force for franchise organizations and franchisees. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the United States generates incremental sales of $1.9 trillion via various direct-marketing campaigns. So, how can franchise systems use direct mail to best benefit their brands, both locally and nationally?

A Franchisor has to balance its brand guidelines, operational processes, franchisees, customer expectations, and marketing strategy among other things. This is not an easy task. But the marketing is what drives growth for both franchisees and corporate. In fact, the marketing tools and resources that they provide to their franchises, are ultimately, the same tools that drive revenue upstream.

Dollar for dollar, direct mail drives more transactions than digital, and virtually every franchisor in the US can use this battle-tested form of marketing to grow business.

Direct Mail is a powerful tool for communication with any audience, whether they are existing customers, or new prospects surrounding current or soon-to-open locations. From demographic-specific campaigns, to geographic saturation, and to select customer promotions, direct mail does it all, and results in transactions more than virtually any other medium.

While e-mail blasts, legitimate e-mails to known recipients, can be cost effective, the old-fashioned, traditional mailbox that consumers reach into every day is generally less crowded than the inbox on their computer or laptop.
With so many expensive and difficult-to-measure advertising campaigns to choose from, it can be difficult for franchise companies to select the right vehicles for their systems. Despite how far technology has come in delivering messages to consumers, the U.S. mail continues to stand the test of time.

Considering that Americans look forward to checking their mailboxes every day, direct mail is a powerful investment for franchise companies.

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