What Millennials Think – and Do – about Direct Mail

What Millennials Think – and Do – about Direct Mail

Millennials. Walking around like they rent the place.
Millennials. Mocks parents for not understanding technology. Searches how to boil water on WikiHow.
Millennial culture. “I don’t have plans and I’m not going to.”

Ahhh, the poor, misunderstood Millennial Generation. To paraphrase comedian Rodney Dangerfield, “they get no respect.”
The truth of the matter is however, the Millennial Generation (the group of people born between the periods of roughly 1982 to 2004), is now the LARGEST demographic with US buying power.

Millennials are oftentimes characterized as “digital natives” glued to their smartphones.

As a result, many companies believe that digital marketing is the only effective way to target this incredibly important consumer demographic.

The truth is, Millennials respond to a low-tech marketing approach that’s been around for centuries: Paper in a mailbox. Yep, Millennials continue to enjoy and respond to the tactile experience of opening the mailbox and finding a printed message inside.

You may be surprised to learn that marketing to this group with direct mail is more effective than you might think.

Here are 5 statistics that may surprise you about this group’s interaction with direct mail:

  • 82% of Millennials read direct mail from retail brands with 73% using direct mail coupons when purchasing
  • 54% of Millennials state that local businesses need to improve on using direct mail to share specials, coupons and offerings available.
  • 82% of Millennials view direct mail messages as more trustworthy then online messaging.
  • The U.S. Post Office has found that Millennials spend 9.7 more minutes sorting through their mail than any other generation.
  • Half of Millennials report enjoying seeing what has come in the mail each day and consider it entertainment.

Source: https://www.uspsdelivers.com/millennials-and-mail-5-myths-and-the-truth-behind-them/

So how do Millennials interact with mail? Here are some more revealing statistics:

  • 77% of Millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising
  • 90% of Millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable
  • 57% have made purchases based on direct mail offers
  • 87% of Millennials like receiving direct mail

Source: U.S. Data Corporation

Some marketers believe that the digitally engaged are suffering from digital fatigue.
Nearly half of Millennials ignore digital ads.Yet only 15% say they ignore direct mail.
Apparently direct mail – which comes only once a day – has become a novelty to this audience.

Source: lendingsciencedm.com

And according to a survey conducted by “WhatTheyThink”, the Millennial survey respondents were actually the demographic most likely to engage often with a mail piece, with 80% of Millennials saying they review at least half of the mail they get.

Not only do Millennials like to read their mail, but they also pay closer attention to it than any other age demographic. In fact, the USPS concluded that Millennials are far more likely than non-Millennials to read and engage with direct mail.

“If I had a dollar for every time a Baby Boomer complained about my generation, I’d have enough money to buy a house in the market they ruined.”

Touché, Millennials. Touché.


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