Why Your Business Needs To Add SMS to Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

“SMS” messaging (personalized text messaging) sits at the nexus of several major (and lasting) trends – the acceleration of e-commerce, the continued shift toward a mobile-first mindset, and the desire for 1:1 conversations between consumers and brands.

Attentive™ surveyed 2,000 US consumers to reveal insights into how they’ve shifted their behaviors, what they want to see and hear from brands, and how they perceive SMS.

Here’s what brands need to know:

  • Personalized text messaging has emerged as a way for consumers to connect 1:1 with brands
  • The majority of consumers have completely shifted their shopping habits in response to the lasting effects of COVID-19
  • Consumers see personalized text messaging as a high-value channel that serves several purposes. They enjoy having offers and rewards sent directly to their text messaging inboxes, while the personal, 1:1 nature of SMS helps them feel valued by the brand – deepening their loyalty over time
  • Consumers are embracing a “mobile-first” (and for some, a “mobile-only”) mindset
  • 91% of consumers are interested in signing up for texts, but not all businesses offer it yet
  • A “dollar-off discount” is the preferred incentive for signing up for a brand’s SMS program
  • 51.1% of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase if they receive text messages with images and media

For more insight, download Attentive Mobile’s full report here.