Why Outsource Direct Mail?

Ad agencies are experts with mass media such as TV, newspaper & radio but…

They are typically NOT experts at direct response marketing and more specifically, the database one-to-one marketing that the marketplace now demands.

By outsourcing their direct response marketing however, they accomplish several things:

They expand their product offerings to their clients.

Since most clients, (especially in the automotive industry), conduct direct mail, email, etc., campaigns, there is no reason for the agency to allow those dollars to go someplace else. They provide their clients a more complete “one-stop shopping” experience.

Direct response marketing is PROFITABLE. 

It provides the agency a greater average markup than mass media. Even outsourcing the products, direct mail provides a 15-20% profit margin.

Outsourcing direct response marketing inoculates the agency from accountability, while expanding their revenue and service base. If a campaign goes poorly (And  yes, sometimes they do…it’s advertising!) the agency avoids being blamed for the poor response since GamePlan conducts the campaign directly for the agency. All the advantages, none of the problems.

What do you stand to gain by adding DM as a sales tool?

A competitive edge in the local marketplace!

Integrated strategically, DM offers a valuable and proven solution to advertisers’ ongoing quest to capture market share. Whether it’s offered as a value-added bonus to a mainstream media advertiser or used as a “door opener” to a potential customer who’s never ventured into traditional media but is already comfortable with direct mail, DM can be positioned in a myriad of ways.

Direct response marketing reveals market intelligence not readily available from other source.

By tracking the client’s direct responses, and reviewing their DMS data, GamePlan is able to identify valuable information about the client’s primary market place that gives the agency an edge when handling their other ad business. Key data such as, “where my customers come from”, “who they are”, “how can I clone their profile” etc… is available through GamePlan Advertising & Marketing.


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