The State of Direct Mail

The impact of direct mail is undeniable.

74% of marketers agree that direct mail delivers the best ROI, response rate, and conversion rates than all other channels used. They also agree direct mail is a more effective channel for their company than email. Given the ROI impact, 58% of marketers have more
marketing budget allocated to direct mail compared to 2022.

While data shows that direct mail positively impacts results, many practitioners aren’t automating campaigns, making it harder to measure and attribute their direct mail efforts. Many are still sending non-personalized campaigns, which can be perceived as junk mail. The marketers we surveyed agreed that the maximum impact is from intelligent direct mail – personalized, attributed, and sent at any scale.

The insights in the attached report are indispensable for marketing practitioners and leaders seeking a greater understanding of generating maximum impact from this channel. Read on to get the key takeaways and actionable insights about the state of direct mail for 2023 and beyond.

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